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This document presents a comparison of three cooling technologies as applied to a data centre in the London Heathrow region. The cooling systems considered are, Indirect Air Optimisation with Excool, Direct Air Optimisation, and the traditional Chilled Water system methodology.

The product comparison was carried out with the aid of a selection matrix. Reference throughout this document will be made to this process. The true benefit of the matrix and weighting system is that the sensitivity of any particular factor can be tested and retested, once the relative weighting of each category has been agreed upon. 

For the purpose of this evaluation the comparison of cooling technologies have been assessed under two different weighting scores, one obtained from the perspective of a stereotypical data centre Developer and the other an End User type Client. The weighting scores for each Client type reflect the respective needs and requirements of each, for example a Developer will place more emphasis on Programme and Capital cost, whereas an End User will consider Environmental and Cost Over Life as more important elements. The final recommendations were made by comparing the performance versus the product cost over life scores for each cooling option. 

The evaluation process has confirmed the Indirect Air Optimisation with Excool technology for the geographical region as the best performing option across the different categories, scoring the highest in performance score for both Client variations.  

With regards to the cost over life score, the best performing option varies according to the different client types and so there is no distinct winner. However, if the cost over life score is summated with the performance score, IAO with Excool remains the clear winner.

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