NEW Excool Space Website

Excool have launched their new revamped Excool Space website

Excool Space is the only pre-built  modular data centre system designed around Excool to provide the highest efficiency data centre solution combined with cost effective ability to scale, re-configure or re-locate.

The Excool Space system allows you to develop an extremely agile and cost effective business model and is designed to provide real life facility PUE of less than 1.15 at even low IT load utilisation to give the lowest through life energy costs possible.

A spokesperson commented:

“Excool Space is a relatively new development from Excool (launched November 2014). It builds on Excool’s highly efficient and resilient cooling technology and brings together many years of experience in delivering modular buildings.

The data centre industry is transforming from a period where there was extraordinary focus on uptime and reliability for data centre design. These requirements are a given on all current data centre builds. Excool Space is designed to have best-practice built-in and allows the client to focus on business needs such as rapid deployment, efficient use of capital and efficient use of energy – best PUE at all times, while giving the client a cost-effective data centre solution. The prefabricated modular solution provides a swift, design, planning and procurement process and the ability to scale or adapt the system without disruption as the business requirement changes over time”.

For further information email us at or call us on 01527 492750.