Excool's Environmental Test Chamber - A World First

Construction is now complete on a world class environmental test chamber and demonstration suite at Excool’s UK factory. The new system comprises an environmental test chamber and fully populated data centre space. This will replace the system used during the last three years for  product development and witness testing.

After three years of invaluable research Excool are decommissioning their first generation test chamber. The existing rig was at the heart of research which culminated in an independently verified test that achieved a heat exchange efficiency of 94.5% to ANSI /ASHRAE Standard 143-2000. Industry standard units are generally up to 65% efficient.

The demand for low energy data centre cooling led Excool to develop a product they believe to be the world’s most efficient and reliable. The high value and critical nature of data centre business places a demand on the manufacturer to be able to  verify and demonstrate the stated unit performance. The original test chamber played a key role in that development and ensured the concept design could be fully optimised for data centre cooling ahead of its launch last year.

Demand for the product is on a global scale, driving the requirement to create a test environment capable of generating and controlling extremes of temperature and humidity. The new chamber will be the only one of its kind in the world. Excool now have the ability to produce test results to ANSI /ASHRAE Standard 143-2000 – Method of Test for Rating Indirect Evaporative Coolers. Component and system performance verification will be possible from -42°C to +50°C dry bulb and 10°C to 32°C wet bulb. Environmental conditions in locations as diverse as Iceland and Singapore can be created and stable cooling of up to 300kW of simulated IT load can be demonstrated.

Excool’s Sales Director Mark Collins said:

“We have raised the bar in the drive for improved efficiency and reliability of datacenter cooling systems. We need to back that with verifiable and repeatable test data. The new test rig represents a major investment in the technology and demonstrates our commitment to the accuracy and reliability of our stated performance”