Excool GmbH wins at the ECO Internet Awards 2015

Congratulations to Excool GmbH for winning at the ECO Internet Awards 2015 held in Cologne on 25th June 2015.  Their award in recognition for Excool Space was won under the Data Center / Hosting / Housing category and is a clear indication of how far Excool GmbH has come in such a short time.

Excool Space is the only pre-built, modular data centre system designed around Excool to provide the highest efficiency data centre solution combined with cost effective ability to scale, re-configure or re-locate.

A spokesperson for Excool commented:

"It is a great achievement for the Excool GmbH team to win this award - many congratulations to them.  Excool GmbH has made significant inroads in the German data center industry since it was established in November 2014.  It is Excool’s first subsidiary company created outside of the UK and marks a significant investment in the local German, Austrian and Swiss markets. Working together with a truly capable and experienced management team, we are introducing Excool and Excool Space to the data centre marketplace and delivering long-term business value to our clients new and old”.

For further information call us on 01527 492750 or visit our websites www.excool.com / www.excoolspace.com.