Excool GmbH wins an Award

Congratulations to Excool GmbH for winning at the “Future Thinking” trade fair dedicated to German data centre operations in April 2016.

Their award in recognition for Excool was won under the Air Conditioning and Cooling category and is a clear indication of how far Excool GmbH has come in such a short time.

The congress trade fair “Future Thinking” is in its seventh year.  With over 55 projects to consider for eight awards an independent and inter-disciplinary jury of specialists chose the winners.  A full list of winners can be found at http://www.datacenter-insider.de/die-gewinner-des-rechenzentrumspreises-2016-a-530422/

A spokesperson – Excool commented:

 “It is a great achievement for the Excool GmbH team to win this award - many congratulations to them all.  Excool GmbH has made significant inroads in the German data center industry since it was established in November 2014.  It is Excool’s first subsidiary company created outside of the UK and marks a significant investment in the local German, Austrian and Swiss markets. Working together with a truly capable and experienced management team, we are introducing Excool to the data centre marketplace and delivering long-term business value to our clients new and old”.                       

To the ever increasing costs for air conditioning in the data centre to keep affordable, we have development an indirect adiabatic free cooling solution that is efficient, easily scalable and compact.  The focus here was to offer a fully integrated production that can be operated directly with fresh water and ensure reliability and low water consumption.

Excool reduced energy costs compared to conventional refrigeration systems (refrigerant or chilled water) up to 90%.  Due to the low current consumption Excool also reduces the design capacity of electrical equipment (power supply, transformers, generators, etc.) and thus the investment costs. The efficiency of the device allows data centers to operate all year without additional cooling.

Data centres, equipped with Excool cooling units, have significantly lower operating costs than the market average. This will have an impact in a competitive advantage for customers with Excool and ensures better opportunities in customer acquisition, supports growth and a secure client business in the future. The technology is safe, environmentally friendly and modular.


For further information call us on 01527 492750 or visit our websites www.excool.com / www.excool.de

April 2016