Compressor free cooling from Excool in new Crawley data centre

Rackspace and Digital Realty have announced a new 130,000 sq ft data centre facility in the UK. This new facility will join Rackspace's existing 7.7MW data centre facility in Slough.

Based in Crawley, West Sussex, the 15 acre campus will eventually comprise of four data suites with a 10MW total capacity.  Phase 1 will consist of two data suites providing 6MW and is due to be delivered first half of 2015.

The site will use British manufacturing company Excool's indirect free air cooling system that eliminates dependency on energy hungry chillers.  The technology from Excool, deploys heat exchangers to transfer heat from inside to the cooler outdoor air.  Heat transfer is achieved without the outdoor air entering the building, therefore outdoor hazards such as fire, air pollution and salt aerosol are kept out of the building.

"For a large part of the year that process (air cooling) is sufficient.  As certain times of the year when it gets warmer we spray additional water onto the face of the heat transfer system.  There's a lot less complexity - it is a very simple cooling process.  It also means significantly reduced energy consumption" explained Gary Boyd, Senior Director of Data Centre Project engineering at Rackspace.

Rackspace expects the power usage effectiveness of it snew site will be around 1.17 versus 1.55 for its Slough facility.

Mark Collins, Director Excool commended "Excool has spent five years developing and enhancing a blend of components used extensively in other sectors to create a product specifically for the data centre industry that delivers the most reliable and efficient data centre cooling available.  The deployment of our technology by Digital Realty and Rackspace is a great moment in the evolution of Excool.  Endoresement by these industry giants following lengthy due diligence is a major milestone for Excool".