How It Works

Excool Indirect Adiabatic and Evaporative Data Centre Cooling

Excool is a fully developed and purpose designed data centre cooling product which we believe is the most efficient indirect economiser in the world in both terms of water and energy usage (most efficient data centre cooling). In many cases it is possible to use the product without the need for mechanical cooling (compressor free cooling).

The system uses outdoor air indirectly through a specially designed series of heat exchangers enabling cooling to take place without outdoor air entering the data hall, therefore air pollution hazards such as smoke and salt aerosols are kept out of the building. With the use of specially designed adiabatic sprays the Excool product can maintain data centre internal temperatures of 24?C with ambients in excess of 35?C. There has been a growing need for data centre cooling innovation, an acceptance of higher server inlet temperatures in 2008 and better air management making efficient use of indirect adiabatic cooling a viable proposition.

The challenges were to remove the risk of outdoor air contamination entering the data centre, to ensure we could maintain a stable environment and to do this reliably and more efficiently than existing systems. After concept stage we required a specific environmental test chamber to put our theory to test, so we developed our own in the West Midlands and the end result is we have developed it to be a reliable, energy saving, compressor free cooling product. Our advantages and differentiators over our primary competitors are that in the first instance we designed our product from the ground up, specifically for the data centre cooling environment. Our greatest innovations are the heat transfer medium, adiabatic data centre cooling method and the arrangement of both, which together form the essence of the system efficiency. In most cases, this allows our product to be used without mechanical cooling being needed. PUE are available from 1.02. Since the introduction of our product, data centre operators no longer have to rely on energy hungry mechanical cooling and can dramatically reduce their infrastructure, operating and maintenance costs.

In summary:

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